List of publications

Name Link (open access)
Scaling a Variant Calling Genomics Pipeline with FaaS
Serverless End Game: Disaggregation enabling Transparency
Hypergraphx: a library for higher-order network analysis
Hyperlink communities in higher-order networks
Massivizing Computer Systems: VU on the Science, Design, and Engineering of Distributed Systems and Ecosystems
Graph Greenifier: Towards Sustainable and Energy-Aware Massive Graph Processing in the Computing Continuum
How Do ML Jobs Fail in Datacenters? Analysis of a Long-Term Dataset from an HPC Cluster
Edge Computing in Smart Agriculture Scenario Based on TinyML for Irrigation Control
CloudJIT: A Just-in-Time FaaS Optimizer (Work in Progress)
MultiBEATS: Blocks of eigenvalues algorithm for multivariate time series dimensionality reduction
On Serving Image Classification Models
Exact and sampling methods for mining higher-order motifs in large hypergraphs
ExDe: Design space exploration of scheduler architectures and mechanisms for serverless data-processing
Serverless Confidential Containers: Challenges and Opportunities
A Convolutional Neural Network approach for image-based anomaly detection in smart agriculture
The Cost of Simplicity: Understanding Datacenter Scheduler Programming Abstractions
zns-tools: An eBPF-powered, Cross-Layer Storage Profiling Tool for NVMe ZNS SSDs
FootPrinter: Quantifying Data Center Carbon Footprint
A Systematic Configuration Space Exploration of the Linux Kyber I/O Scheduler
ZWAL: Rethinking Write-ahead Logs for ZNS SSDs with Zone Appends
Towards a Workload Trace Archive for Metaverse Systems
Towards efficient and secure data sharing between co-located serverless containers in Kubernetes